The Rigoni Sala company, founded in 1966, is a small agricultural company located in Chiarano, a small village in the province of Treviso, straddling the regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.
With its 20 hectares of exclusive and exclusive vineyard, the company extends in a luxuriant area of land bordering the 2 regions. Land rich in minerals; elements that give finesse, elegance and elegance to these sensational products, some autochthonous and unique, in some ways inimitable.
His noble founder, Antonio Rigoni, from a young age cultivated the passion for his land, built on solid foundations for the love of his large family and for the strong belonging to his peasant origins. Passion that passed on to his children, and to the children of his children who, at present, dedicate themselves with industriousness, professionalism, dynamism and love, to the management of this agricultural reality.

Gianni, together with his daughter Silvia and Fabio, work diligently for the qualitative improvement of the wine production, using, in the countryside, the most suitable tools for the most modern techniques for the "natural" cultivation of the vine.
The obtaining of healthy and ripe grapes, rich in unsurpassed and special aromas, is the path that the Rigoni family has been pursuing for years. The result is more and more careful and scrupulous vintages for the production of balanced grapes; for obtaining increasingly important wines; full and full bodied, sapid and elegant, acid but soft, with a unique finesse and a touch of strong personality. But to achieve these goals we need a continuous updating of the winemaking techniques, and a capillary research in the improvement of the winery technology that, year after year, is constantly and systematically renewed.